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This training will begin in January 2023. The training will be mainly self-paced with opportunities to connect with the cohort throughout.


Master Wellness Volunteer Training 

The training for Well Connected Community Master Volunteers is 40 hours of a combination of online self-paced and experiential learning. Each volunteer is asked to choose a project that they will work on, and will receive specific training that includes some experiential activities such as teach-back opportunities, shadowing in the community, and practicing skills such as a cooking demonstration. Project and detailed information related to the training schedule is below.  Once we have reviewed your applicaiton, you will be contacted for an interview to complete the registration process. The fee to become a Master Wellness Volunteer is $50 and will cover your costs for the in-person training needs, binder, name tag and t-shirt. Refunds will be provided to those who provide at least 48 hours notice that they are unable to attend the full training, or those that arenot successful candidates after the interview process.  Any questions or concerns, please contact Gina Crist, Community Health Specialist, or 302-831-0287. 

Projects of Interest
1. Food and Nutrition Education: Volunteers interested in teaching nutrition topic classes at partnering organizations such as libraries and community centers, engaging in work related to creating healthy retail spaces in our communities and working with youth on projects that promote nutrition should enroll in this area.

2. Gardens: Volunteers who want to be a point of contact for a fruit and vegetable garden at an identified partnering site (sites are in Newark, Dover and Seaford) from start to finish should enroll in this area. These volunteers will work with interested sites by assisting with the development of a garden management team, assessing the garden site, planting, harvesting and connecting with food safety, nutrition education and recipe development/produce distribution.

3. Well-being Education: Participants in this track are those individuals interested in participating in coalition meetings on behalf of Extension and working on projects related to healthy living such as stress management/mindfulness


Training Schedule

The training is set in modules with a mixture of online and in-person learning. Please be sure to review the schedule in its entireity before registering. We ask that all volunteers are present for all portions of the training, with the exception of emergency situations.

Module 1: Setting the Stage:  

Weeks 1, 2, 3; (self-paced online) 

  • Training Overview/Accessing information  

  • What is a Culture of Health?  

  • Creating a Culture of Wellness  

  • Social Determinants of Health 

  • Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Health Equity 

  • Google Goggles  

  • Understanding Data  


Module 2: Working Together for Behavior Change:  

Weeks 4 and 5

  • Health Behavior Change  

  • Policy, Systems and Environmental Change 

  • Health Impact Pyramid  

  • Socio-Ecological Model 

  • Youth and Adult Partnerships 

  • The Essential Elements of Youth Development 


Module 3: Basics for Master Wellness Volunteers: 

Weeks 6 and 7

  • Public Speaking  

  • Marketing for Master Wellness Volunteers  

  • Exercise Recommendations  

  • Chronic Disease  


Module 4: Project Content 

Weeks 8 and 9

  • Complete project-specific modules


Field work completed by December 15th 


Start: January 16, 2023
12:00 PM
End: April 7, 2023
12:00 PM
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

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