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Join Delaware Master Gardeners for one or more gardening workshops designed to educate and inspire! 

Success with Camellias in Delaware with Master Gardener Ron Simpson

March 13, 10 am 

Camellias are popular garden plants in the South but sometimes they can be tricky to grow in the mid-Atlantic.  In this workshop, we will examine the criteria for success with Camellias in Delaware and the surrounding area, regarding microclimates, soil preparation, and cultivar selection.  A list of Camellia cultivars that succeed in Delaware will be included as a handout.

Attracting Hummingbirds with Gardens, Flowers, and Feeders with Master Gardener Ron Simpson        

April 10, 10 am 

Hummingbirds are popular birds in our gardens, but they often visit for a short period of time and then move on.  This workshop will discuss ways to create a hummingbird-friendly garden so they stick around, using both native and non-invasive, non-native plants.  There will also be a discussion on proper and safe use of feeders.  A list of hummingbird-attracting flowers will be included as a handout.

Growing Herbs with Master Gardener JW Wistermayer

April 21, 12 pm

Herbs are easy to grow and easy on the eye.  Fresh herbs are delicious in home cooking and very useful in home crafts. This workshop will focus on planting, growing and using herbs. There might even be a tea or two involved! 

Container Gardens with Master Gardener JW Wistermayer

May 12, 12 pm

It’s all container gardening, it just depends on the size of the container!  Learn the basics and pick up some tips. Join us for informative discussion on how to create a container garden for your own personal use whatever that use may be – growing flowers, herbs or vegetables – there is something for everyone! 

All workshops are offered via Zoom.  Following registration, a Zoom link will be provided the day before the date of your workshop.

If you have any questions, contact Carrie Murphy at (302) 831-1426 or email

This program is brought to you by University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, a service of the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources—a land-grant institution.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider. If you have special needs that need to be accommodated, please contact our staff two weeks prior to the event.


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